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Nathan Helder

The climate of today is filled with many hurdles.  Many entrepreneurs have decided to start their own business because they strive to be self-employed, they are passionate about helping others, or they have hoped to have a better lifestyle.   However, many have become frustrated and anxious about their future and find themselves:

  • Working without a plan or having a plan that doesn’t seem to work
  • Hoping sales & margins are going to get better
  • Jumping from crisis to crisis, babysitting employees
  • Are finding it difficult to find good people who stay or finding it difficult to build a cohesive team
  • Not spending enough time with the family or on vacation
  • Are stressed, over-worked, and just plain not healthy

Not sure if this sounds familiar?  Want to work with someone who understands your situation?

Southbrook Consulting is a management consulting firm based in Waterdown, ON area. We are focused on providing customized solutions that provide insight to support the strategic, process, leadership and analytical needs of leading organizations.

At Southbrook, we have proven methods of accomplishment in developing, growing and managing business
We offer you a choice of customized solutions ranging from personal assessments to comprehensive business consulting, organizational transformation & change management.

Our principal consultant is Nathan Helder, president of Gelderman Landscape Services. Gelderman focuses on two revenue streams: maintenance contracts for condos and residential landscape design and construction. Their focus is on high-end service, including commitments to communication, punctuality, cleanliness and high-quality work.

Since Nathan took over the position of president from his father-in-law Hank Gelderman in 2007, the business has more than doubled its revenue and its staff. Nathan instituted a corporate structure & strategic planning, developed Gelderman University for all staff, has created an incentive plan that rewards good behaviours & results and is expanding the business via open up new branches. The first new branch location opened in Guelph about four years ago. In 2016 two additional branches opened in Mississauga and Kitchener.